Men’s Outfits: 6 Sneaky Ways To Upgrade Your Style

Upgrade your personal style

One of the easiest ways to revamp how others perceive you is to upgrade your personal style. Studies show that men’s outfits can heavily influence people’s first impressions of them.

But if you think upgrading your style is only possible if you blow paycheck after paycheck overhauling your closet, think again. According to the same study, even minor changes to your clothing can significantly impact your image

Now, we’re not telling you to bend backward trying to please other people with the clothes you wear. Quite the opposite, being mindful of your personal style can actually benefit you more than anyone else. When you’re well-dressed, you look and feel good about yourself. This increase in confidence can translate to positive changes in all areas of your life. Heck, it can even boost your career as attractive men often receive higher salaries.

6 Sneaky ways to upgrade men’s outfits

Again, upgrading your style doesn’t have to be an ordeal. We’re here to help you put together men’s outfits that aren’t too flashy but make an impact — starting with the straightforward yet smart tips below.

1. Purge your wardrobe.

By “purge,” we don’t mean throw out your entire closet and start over. The logic here is simple: If you don’t have access to worn-out and ill-fitting clothes, then no one’s ever going to see you wearing them! Every single one of us has a trusty shirt that’s been a staple since college. It sucks, but it’s time to retire that old favorite and move on.

So go ahead and get rid of:

  • Clothes whose color has already faded (and not in a flattering way)
  • Anything with tears, rips, and holes in them, no matter how inconspicuous you think these flaws seem
  • Overstretched, shrunken, or worn-out articles of clothing
  • Anything with unwashable stains

Auditing your wardrobe this way also helps you assess which areas it lacks and gives you a clearer picture of what pieces you have to work with. You’ll probably even discover some long-forgotten favorites that still look great on you. Win-win!

2. Never underestimate the power of a classic watch.

Men's outfit paired with a wrist watch.

If there’s one accessory that can upgrade all types of men’s outfits, it’s a watch. If you already own one, great! Start wearing it more often if you tend to leave it at home. Otherwise, go ahead and scour the market for the best watches for men. There are great options for you regardless of your budget, so don’t feel pressured to splurge on a luxury timepiece.

At the very least, we recommend that you get yourself a classic all-rounder to wear with both casual and dressier outfits. But if you have the budget for it, go ahead and pick a classy steel watch for work and events, and then pair it with a more casual and rugged timepiece to complement your gym and outdoor adventures.

Think you’re already set in the wristwatch department? Give your sunglasses game an upgrade instead.

3. Enlist the help of a seasoned tailor for men’s outfits.

Notice that we didn’t include oversized clothing in the purge list, and that’s because you can still salvage them with the help of an experienced tailor.

However, tailoring clothes isn’t only for pieces that are clearly too big. A good tailor can do wonders even for clothes that you think already “fit you okay.” Now, keep in mind that altering clothes is a two-way street. Having a good tailor will significantly help, but you should also clearly communicate what you need and how you want your clothes to fit.

4. Trade your old sneakers for boots and loafers.

We know, we know. Throwing on a pair of comfy white sneaks is such an easy way to cap off your daily outfits. But resist the urge to wear the same sneakers every day when there are better footwear options out there, especially for smart casual and dressier getups.

Men's outfit flatlay with leather boots

Many lads are intimidated by boots and loafers because they mistakenly think they have to wear fancy men’s outfits to pull them off. Nothing can be further from the truth! Try it. The next time you wear your favorite long-sleeved shirt and pants, wear leather or suede combat boots instead. Throw in a nice wristwatch and a pair of glasses, and you’re all set.

5. Embrace sports jackets and blazers.

Are you feeling chilly? Instead of defaulting to your college hoodie, put on a nice blazer or sports coat instead. Outerwear like these can immediately upgrade your outfit from meh to wow. A simple trick we always recommend is to pair a dark-colored blazer with a turtle neck and cropped pants. Once you get more comfortable experimenting, then you can go ahead and pair it with other types of clothing.

Man sporting a turtleneck and blazer combo.

6. Indulge in subtle upgrades.

If buying blazers and coats feels like too big of a step, you can ease into it with more subtle upgrades. We know that changing the way you dress overnight can tend to feel weird at first, especially if you’ve been an uber-casual dresser your entire life. Some examples of subtle upgrades are:

  • Swap your usual casual top with a Henley shirt.
  • Instead of wearing a hoodie, reach for a quality cashmere sweater when it’s cold.
  • Put a little more thought into color-matching your outfits. Monochrome palettes are the easiest to pull off (They make you look taller and leaner, too).
Stylish man wearing a cashmere sweater.

Bonus Tip: Personal grooming plays a key role in men’s outfits.

This one’s a bonus tip because it technically has more to do with grooming than style. To put your best foot forward, your upgraded fashion sense should work hand-in-hand with impeccable grooming.

We’re going to skip the basics like taking a shower regularly and wearing deodorant because, really, those should already be a given. Instead, we encourage you to take it a notch higher by putting a little more effort into taking care of your skin and styling your hair. Invest in a high-quality electric razor and find a cologne that suits your personality and taste. Trust us. You’ll see and feel the difference good grooming makes.

Best of luck!