10 Things Women Love On A Man

There are certain fashion items that a man can wear that will quite literally drive most women to distraction. If you want to dress to impress your date then be sure to read this list and add these items to your collection.

Remember this is just a guideline for what women have said they go crazy for on a man, be sure to add at least some of your own bit of personality to your look and keep in mind that confidence can make an average man look irresistible to a woman every time. Here are ten things women love on a man, read on to learn how to dress to drive a woman wild. 

1. Luxury Sunglasses For Men

Purchase a pair of quality sunglasses that you can afford, and wear them when you are outdoors in the sun. They will protect your eyes from aging, and you will also look undeniably sexy to a woman when she sees you driving or participating in any outdoor activity with this useful fashion accessory. Sunglasses come in many styles and price points, in most cases no one can tell the difference in a pair that costs $100 or a pair that costs $1000, just pick the pair that best suits your face type and that you will be comfortable in because they will do you no good if you are always adjusting them or you leave them in the car instead of wearing them. Take the time to keep them in good shape and it will reveal to your date that you are conscientious and care about quality. A woman on a date or with a potential date notices more about the guy they are with than many may realize, so consider all the small details. 

2. Well-Fitting Jeans

Take the time to find a brand of jeans that works with your body type. You do not want them to be so tight that you can see the outline of your body parts underneath but you do not want them so baggy that you look unkempt. Find a pair that is comfortable on you, that you can move around in, and that hugs your body just right. Do not be afraid to invest a little money in a pair of good jeans. They should last a few years and will look much better than just any old pair that fits improperly. Some jeans are made to be washed only every few weeks if you choose this type then be sure to check them for dinginess, stains, or off-putting scents. It is better to overwash than walk around looking and smelling dirty. 

3. Cologne

That is Chosen Carefully. Do not overboard here. But be sure to have a signature scent that starts with getting clean and ends with a well-chosen cologne that works with your body. Take your time, try a few different types and ask a trusted woman in your life to give you feedback. Be clear that you are not searching for a compliment but an honest review. Once you do find that scent that works well with your body chemistry use it daily but do not rely on it too heavily. Start with a base of a clean body, freshly laundered clothing, and plenty of deodorant. Then spray 2-3 pumps onto your pulse points. When you spray your cologne onto your pulse points the women in your life will notice it when she leans in for a kiss or when you hug her because your neck and arm will be near her nose. Subtleness is your friend, your scent should not enter the room before you but you do want the women you are interested in to notice it slightly if she is standing right by you. With a little practice, you will find the right balance. Don’t forget that the best cologne will not cover up a dirty body, so start clean. That first time a woman you are interested in asks “what is that smell?” With a slightly intrigued smile, you will be glad you invested the time and money in the perfect scent. 

4. A Well Tailored Suit.

You don’t need to wear a suit every day, but you need to know how to wear a suit and not let it wear you. It is worth it to have a suit tailored to your own body because a woman will likely cross a lot of guys wearing similar suits but when she sees you making the suit look like a million bucks she will notice how you stand out. If you can not afford custom tailoring then invest in the time it takes to try on several brands until you find one that makes you feel phenomenal and fits perfectly to your form. A suit is designed to bring out certain masculine traits such as broad shoulders that V down into a more narrow waist then broader thighs. Women notice this more than many men may realize whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level the general agreement is that a man looks great in a suit that fits him well. 

5. Quality Brands

Subtle Fashion Brands That Showcase Quality. Do not be too flashy with the branding but find the quality brands that work with your body type and personal style and enjoy the perks of having a go-to label or clothes designer you can enjoy and looks great on you. You will notice quickly while shopping and trying different brand’s offerings of the same type of clothing that not all labels are created equally. Some designers literally focus their market on a small window of sizes, others only make clothes for the athletic, and others only for people willing to spend a lot of money on a single item. Find out the brand that is making items for your style and that has enough quality to be worth your loyalty. It will simplify shopping when you already know how a certain brand fits you and what size you are in their particular items. 

6. White Button Up

A Crisp White Button Up and A Fresh White T-Shirt of 100% Cotton.  This shirt can be overdone so do not have it as your go-to, but a nice shirt that is slightly form-fitting and perfectly white gives the image of maturity and competence. You should have several of these button-ups freshly pressed and hanging in your closet to throw on top of a pair of jeans, khakis, under a suit, or even with a pair of beach shorts at the shore. A clean white t-shirt that fits right brings to mind good thoughts (or naughty, depending on how you look at it) and frames the male body just right. The best part is that a plain T-shirt does not make it look like you are trying hard at all. As long as it is perfectly white and clean you will look great and casual at the same time. Most days looking attractive is simply finding the right balance of sexy, yet casual. The quality T-shirt is your answer. 

7. Bold Colors

Play With Color on Some of Your Shirts. Women like color, but they do not want to date a clown. Occasionally spice things up by wearing a bold color. Red is said to make a man look confident and even wealthy to potential dates. Pink is reported to show confidence, playfulness, and boldness in a man. Black instills images and thoughts of mystery and competence, and white can bring to mind trustworthiness and honesty. Do not be afraid to go bold and add a few t-shirts and button-ups that feature your favorite colors or patterns. Ask a female friend or sister which colors bring out your best features because many people have a color that makes their eyes stand out or their skin tone looks great. Then chose a few quality sweaters and shirts in this shade and see if women start complimenting your eyes when you buy coffee or check out at the bank. 

8. The Right Belt

A Black Belt or Dark Brown Belt. A nice belt with a subtle but shiny buckle can upgrade a casual outfit and complete a formal one. Nice belts come in most men’s fashion brands at a variety of price points. It is an item that all men should have a few of on hand in their wardrobe for different occasions. Never go without a belt if your clothing has loops for them, it just adds a subtle touch of class. Women notice these tiny details and many women report to be attracted to a man who has an eye for the little things in their appearance. Do not go overboard though, unless you are a rodeo contestant stick to a buckle the same width as the belt and ideally a matching or complementary shade. If you are wearing black shoes go with the black belt and if you are wearing brown go with your dark brown belt. 

9. Quality Watches

A watch was once the pinnacle of men’s jewelry. Fewer men seem to be choosing watches today, but when interviewed, many women said that a man with a watch looks professional and approachable. Having a watch also means pulling your cell phone out of your pocket much less often, which is always a plus on a date or when near a woman you want to attract. Quality does not automatically equate to thousands of dollars. You can find a nice watch that fits your style and needs in a variety of price points. Start with one that you can wear all the time, that looks nice but is less flashy than your next purchase this is your daily wear watch. Your second watch should be a step up from your daily wear. It may cost a few hundred or even a thousand dollars but it is the watch you wear to look a little better than you do on a daily basis. The third watch is much like the second but may come later when you may receive this one as a sentimental gift to pull out only on the best of occasions. Once you have these three pieces you will have the perfect triage of bling to wear as needed.

10. Quality Leather Shoes

A pair of nice expensive-looking leather shoes. You should have a pair of sneakers (trainers) for when you work out because nothing is sexier and more attractive than vitality and health. However, do not wear them with your jeans if you are looking to draw the attention of a lady. Buy a pair of quality leather (or faux leather if you are vegan) shoes that you wear when you are not doing anything too physically demanding. There is something about a pair of nice leather shoes that when paired with blue jeans on a date that says casual elegance and confidence more than anything else. Lately, women have been reporting a tie between thinking that leather shoes that are shined to the max are sexy and laced up leather shoes with a casual look are hot, so just go with the type of formal shoe that suits you best. 

Bonus tip: Dress for the Weather

There is a reason that guys complain about girls taking their hoodies. There is something so attractive about a man dressed warm and cozy on that first cold day of fall. If you really want to stay in a girl’s mind let her borrow your hoodie that you’ve been wearing all day. It will have your scent on it and if she has trouble returning it, it may be because she doesn’t want to part with that small hint of you. Also, remember that if you are not comfortable it will show in how you move and talk and it may come off as unattractive. Do not dress in just sweats all the time or anything, but do choose the best jeans, suits, shirts, and shoes that balance your comfort level and style together. Comfort and confidence in any situation will go far when it comes to impressing women.