15 Fall Style Essentials for Men

Sweater weather is here with the coming of crisp air and falling leaves. It’s the season for football, pumpkin spiced lattes, and all too often, confusing wardrobes. Let’s talk about men’s fashion.

The turn of every season always makes for a confounding battle when it comes to putting pieces of an outfit together. Do you roast in heavy coats or freeze in a lightweight hoodie? How do you pick the right acclimatizing men’s clothing and still swagger with debonair?

From innerwear to outerwear, we’ll explore weatherproof urban styles that will keep you warm and snazzy, and keep you’re A-game going. Here are the 15 fall essentials of 2019. A guide to what every man needs to tide you to through autumn into the cold of winter frost. 

Jacket: The Black Bomber

First invented in the 1940s for fighter pilots to keep pilots warm, the iconic bomber is today’s quintessential fall gear. The crossover of this military staple is versatile in style and provides a moderate amount of warmth perfect for autumn. The black bomber is the poetic portrayal of punk, rock, and romantic heroes. Freestyling is the name of the game. Dress it up for a smart-casual workweek, or dress it down with a distressed pair of jeans. All you need are the right complementary pieces and a little dash of you.

Tips for Extra Suave: For a sophisticated style, pick a bomber that ends right at your hip bone for a flattering fit. Throw on your everyday shirt, jeans, and leather shoes and be ready to rock and roll.  

Blazer: The Preppy Navy

When it comes to fall essentials, a blazer is every man’s must-have, and blue adds a little pizazz to the hum-drum monotony. With the cool tones being this season’s color trend, you can pick a preppy blue blazer from the likes of Zegna, Armani, Banana Republic, and even H&M. Wear them with polo and chinos for a casual day. For an exceptionally chilly day, plant a sneaky plain hoodie underneath for a nifty fashion-forward look. The navy blazer everything you need to keep you warm for every highbrow or lowbrow situation.

Tips for Extra Suave: From cotton to tweed, it takes more than just colors and materials to nail the perfect blazer outfit. For a fashionable edge, wear your blazer like a stand-out accessory instead of making it a part of your suit. Your blazer should also be shorter in the body. As the traditional rule of thumb, it should end around mid to lower crotch and be loose enough to accommodate additional layers underneath. A perfect fit dictates the difference between sophistication and off-the-shelf rejects.

Vest: The Fleece Comfort

Fleece vests have been all the rage this year with finance and tech industries investing in the logoed outerwear for their corporate brand. Vests are now almost iconic to the way business looks when worn over a business casual attire. They are a great way to keep warm both indoors and out, but without bulking up on the awkward layers when on days when a full jacket is too much.

Tips for Extra Suave: You want to avoid the mistake of looking like a fisherman. Match your fleece vest with a button shirt and dark jeans for a playful off-duty hedge funder vibe.

Sweater: The Crew Neck Pullover

Here’s how to look insanely sophisticated with a pullover. Wear it with a suit, a casual blazer, a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a t-shirt or just about anything else. The crew neck pullover comes in typical cotton and the more luxurious alternatives of wool and cashmere. The round neck goes well with a preppy button-down office shirt and a pair of smart chinos for a boardroom-inspired look. The look carries just as well after hours on your detour to the bar. 

Tips for Extra Suave: Layers, layers. From chunky ribbed to slim knits, the crew neck pullover is rated the number one essential for any fall season. It’s always a great idea to have a few of them in your inventory for some playful styling. Pick from a range of different textures depending on how chilly your day gets.

Hoodie: The Zip-up Street

Designed in the 1930s to keep athletes warm in dreary weather, hoodies have since become a non-seasonal essential in men’s fashion. From street punk to skater boy, the hoodie transcends all genres of both music and stereotypes. The skill at play here is how to pull off one stylishly without looking like an angry fifteen-year-old adolescent. Aside from being worn as the typical outerwear, layering your hoodie can bring out edgier or more refined styles.

Tips for Extra Suave: Wearing a jacket over your hoodie may sound like an odd clash, but it works. Moreover, and it is the perfect combination to embrace colder days as frosty winter ascends. Pull off your hoodie with a biker leather or bomber jacket for a tough and edgy look. You can even match your hoodie with a parka on windy days or a denim jacket for a more laid back look.

Shirt: The Polo Tee

The new season doesn’t mean an expensive and complete change in your existing wardrobe. Staples, like the basic polo tee, can always be incorporated into any season. The icon of Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Fred Perry: the short-sleeved shirt when fitted well can be the difference between a cheesy dad and a polished player. From everyday neutrals to flamboyant prints, the polo provides the comfort of a t-shirt with the fanciness of a dress shirt. There are more ways than one to pull them off in an autumn outfit. Team your blocked colored polo in a blazer, denim, and a good old pair of chukka boots for a good fall ensemble.

Tips for Extra Suave: Making sure your polo tee fits is the number one rule of the flattering game. Always check the shoulder seam before buying one. They should rest right at the edge of your shoulders instead of above or over them. Next, check if the buttons on your polo are pulling at the fabric; if so, your shirt is too small for you. Neither should you be swimming in fabric. An extra tip for a more sophisticated touch would be to avoid loud and flashy logos.

Long-sleeved Shirt: The Scottish Plaid

Perfect for a long day, the comfortable Scottish plaid has inspired both the grunge and masculine timber man look. Made in typically wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber, they provide some level of warmth on top of their laid back style. They can be worn as an outer layer or alone with any pair of jeans and boots. If you’re looking for a more edgy grunge vibe, pair your plaid with a well-fitting pair of black jeans and some lace-up boots.   

Tips for Extra Suave: Like all printed shirts, plaids should be worn with basic block colors. They are usually eye-catching and should be the focal point of your outfit. Adding more prints will only serve to overdo the look.

Jeans: The Dark Washed

Dark denim looks better on skinny legs and thicker legs than any other shades, and you probably already own a pair. The bedrock of all wardrobes that transcends seasons, jeans go with everything. Dark washed jeans, on the other hand, bring your style game up to a whole new level. Get spiffy with an add-on blazer or jacket to strike a smart-casual balance.

Tips for Extra Suave: Skinny, tapered, or baggy, picking the right pair based on your body shape can make a whole lot of difference between pauper or prince. Go for low rise straight leg to flatter your slender built or a pair of relaxed fit or loose jeans for men with larger hips.

Trousers: The Check Trousers

Though they might be a little tough to coordinate, tartan pants are the secret to looking like chic brit royalty if pulled off correctly. They might be a bit loud, so it’s essential to match them with blocked colors, so they don’t tip over the top into Halloween costume. Bold but dapper, they are the renaissance of a forgotten era.

Tips for Extra Suave: Get the balance right to avoid looking like a golfer on the greens. Keep the rest of your outfit restrained and neutral in tones, so your plaids become the focus of interest. Going wild on outrageous prints might seem a good idea on the likes of a brazen runway, but can be a little too egregious for the real world. Consider topping it off with plain colored blazers and knitwear. They set the tone straight, especially for a crisp autumn day.

Loafers: The Penny Chic

Loafers are not just for lazy summer days. To fall in line with fall fashion, pick a pair in burgundy, tan, or navy. The laceless slip-on footwear is a combination of style, comfort, and practicalities. From the origins of a Norwegian fisherman, the reputation of the versatile shoe has since grown to fit the rich and famous. Whether it’s a full suit or a smart casual look, loafers have styled the feet of different subcultures and characters.

Tips for Extra Suave: Leather or suede, loafers can be expressed in many styles. Although so, leather would be the better pick for fall with its waterproof, warming, and sturdy qualities. With suede’s luxurious feel and delicateness to moisture, they are better reserved for a dry summer season.

Boots: The Chukka Boot

Walk all over fall with the perfect pair of boots. Durable, functional, and versatile. Day in the office or walk in the woods, the chukka boot does just the trick. Named after the game of polo during the chukka period, the famous ankle-high shoe was even worn by the Duke of Windsor in the 1920s. Clarks, Hudson, and Timberland carry variations of them. Match them with dark-colored trousers, a white button-down shirt, and a jacket or blazer, and you’re good to go for a smart casual day at the office.

Tips for Extra Suave: Just like penny loafers, the chukka boot usually comes in either suede or leather. Autumn brings wet months, so, for the love of suede, leather chukkas are the way to go.

Belt: The Good Old Leather

Leather belts are not just for suits; they add style and complete your look. The rules are simple. If your pants have loops, you need a belt. Today, the belt is not just for holding your pants up; they have become one of the essential decorative accessories in men’s fashion. Picking the right leather makes all the difference. Good leather ages well and are durably resistant to stretch. Make sure that your shirt is always tucked when you wear a belt. They are meant to add a little touch of sophistication to your everyday wear and which makes it a pity if you’re covering your belt up with an untucked shirt.

Tips for Extra Suave: Make sure you pick a belt with a width between one and one and a half inches. Anything beyond that will look silly. And, do as the saying goes. Your belt should always match the color of your shoes!

Cap: The Baseball Cap

Caps are every man’s solution to a bad hair day. The trick, though, is how to wear one without looking like a teenager. If done right, it is even possible to match your baseball cap with a suit. For starters, team your block colored cap with autumn textiles like wool, corduroy, or suedes for a touch of stylish luxury with warmth. Top off your minimalist outfit with a lightweight jacket, and you’re ready for a typical fall day in town.

Tips for Extra Suave: It’s always a good option to opt for simplicity when it comes to caps. To follow on that train of thought, be sure to remove the sticker of the brim of the cap before wearing it.

Hat: The Flat Cap

The flat cap is almost an iconic accessory for fall. Once a symbolic look for Englishmen in an all-tweed ensemble, they have become a stylish choice for the modern chic and sleek look. It brings out smart-casual effortlessly with a dapper jacket or blazer, which are just the perfect layers you need for autumn. 

Tips for Extra Suave: Like all men’s clothes, the fit is everything. Your flat cap should fit the same way your baseball cap does. Wearing one too capaciously means excess “mushroom” fabric, which will counter your efforts towards a classy style.

Bag: The Satchel

Now that you’re well dressed, the last thing you need is a chewed up bag to ruin your ensemble. The satchel or messenger bag is perfect for a modern-day lifestyle with practical compartments and weatherproof materials. Classic, functional, and masculine, the bag can hold anything from documents to the tie you undo after hours. Work or play, it goes well with both casual and office with a touch of masculinity.

Tips for Extra Suave: For a dressier look, opt for a structured bag that holds its shape. The weatherproof leather is just perfect as it can withstand daily wear and tear and only gets better as you use it.