5 Casual Men’s Outfits To Have In Your Closet

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Contrary to popular belief, dressing casually doesn’t mean you can get away with looking sloppy and scruffy. You can still look sharp and put-together while wearing casual men’s outfits (and without too much effort!).

Casual men’s outfits can make you look laidback yet polished when done right. A good casual outfit shows that you’ve put some thought into your look. It can also be a great way to showcase your personality and serve as a representation of who you are. 

While throwing on a plain shirt and a trusty pair of jeans is the go-to for most guys, exploring and finding casual outfits that make a statement will benefit you in the long run. The confidence boost that comes with looking put-together is invaluable. What’s more, well-dressed men tend to be favored in both the dating pool and the workplace.

No matter which season or occasion you’re getting dressed for, these casual outfits will have you looking dapper! Dressing well doesn’t have to be complicated, as you will learn from these tried-and-tested combos.

Check them out!

Leather jacket with jeans

Leather jacket and jeans outfit combination

Nothing exudes confidence quite like a leather jacket paired with jeans and a fitting tee. It’s simple, yet it gives off an aura of assertiveness that conveys a free spirit. It’s dressy-casual, making it perfect for a night out with friends or even a casual first date.

Leather can be pretty expensive, but you can shop from affordable brands to find out what works for you before going for a high-end label right away. 

Leather jackets come in different colors like tan, gray, and black. The color you choose depends on the statement you want to make, but black is unbeatable for simple color coordination and versatility. Also, when shopping, note that leather stretches after several wears, but this is natural and shouldn’t be a problem. 

As for bottoms, fitted ripped jeans with rolled-up cuffs or ankle jeans work well for the ensemble. Ideally, go for blue, navy blue, or dark wash jeans to pair with a neutral-colored tee, and then wear the jacket on top. 

To complete the look, throw on a pair of black sneakers or leather boots, add accessories like a wristwatch, sunglasses, or bracelets, and you’re good to go!

Button-down shirt with Bermuda shorts

A man wearing a button-down shirt, Bermuda shorts, and white sneakers

Warm summer days call for outfits that are minimalist and breathable — putting something together that’s both casual and stylish isn’t so daunting if you keep this in mind. 

A button-down shirt with Bermuda shorts definitely does the trick. Unbuttoning the top of your shirt and rolling up your sleeves will let air circulate freely and keep you cool. You may choose to tuck in your shirt or leave it untucked, depending on how you feel. 

Are you looking for inspo? White Bermuda shorts go well with a striped shirt and white trainers. Add a brown belt and accessories such as a wristwatch, sunglasses, or a necklace to complete the look. 

When it comes to men’s outfits, casual is often associated with “simple,” but this outfit dispels that notion. With a bit of thought and coordination, you’re able to quickly achieve a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

Printed shirt with loafers

Men's outfits consisting of loafers, pants, and a printed shirt

Printed shirts are a great addition to any outfit, more so during the warmer months. Paired with fitted pants, tasseled loafers, and topped off with a fedora, it gives off a vibrant yet subtle look that looks both relaxed and polished.

For a seamless look, choose colors that complement each other to give an air of subdued elegance to the outfit. A shirt with light brown and black prints (or anything neutral, really), for example, would go well with tan or cream-colored pants, a muted fedora, and dark brown loafers in leather or suede.

A classy wristwatch is a staple in any men’s outfit, and it’s only befitting that it features in this ensemble. Finish it off with sunglasses that complement your face shape if you plan to wear this in the summer!

This look is suitable for lunch dates, outdoor events, and daytime parties. It’s easy to pull off and comfortable but still unique enough to earn you some much-deserved compliments. 

Long coat with pants and  Chelsea boots

Beige long coat, denim pants, and Chelsea boots men's outfits

Depending on where you live, the weather starts to get chilly in fall or early winter. We swap out light clothes and shoes for heavier and thicker alternatives. The good thing is you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. You can still have a clean, well-rounded look while keeping the cold away. 

What’s the key to not looking frumpy while wearing thick clothes? Well-tailored long coats that fit well and fall just above your knees!

As for footwear, Chelsea boots have a stellar reputation for their versatility, comfort, and sturdy soles. When paired with a long coat, you get one of the classiest and most polished casual men’s outfits for colder weather.

For a classy and charming look, pair a light brown long coat with suede Chelsea boots and a white tee with denim jeans. You can accessorize with a wristwatch, neckpiece, or sunglasses if you prefer. Throw on a neutral scarf if it gets extra chilly.

Polo shirt with chino pants

Men's outfits with a polo shirt and chino pants

Polo shirts have long been associated with affluence and an upper-class lifestyle. But regardless of your financial standing, this classic shirt is well suited for any man who wants a daily staple that’s a tad classier than the typical T-shirt. 

A quintessential garment not to be disregarded when speaking of men’s outfits, the polo shirt is comfortable, stylish, and easy to pair with pants, jeans, and shorts. Stereotypes aside, it exudes an aura of a man who is put together and in control. 

Classy, assertive, confident, and charming, with a touch of elegance. What makes the polo shirt so iconic is that it communicates all that on its own, even without having a glimpse of what it’s paired with. 

That said, chinos are an excellent match for the polo shirt as they are made from lightweight cotton and cut for a slimmer fit, making them a comfortable alternative to khakis. 

A white polo shirt paired with beige chinos and white trainers is a minimalistic look that gets the point across. Loafers are a great alternative to trainers for a slightly dressier look, and instead of using a backpack with this outfit, a duffel bag is more appropriate if you have to lug a few things around.   

Casual men’s outfits: The bottom line

So, which casual men’s outfit is your favorite? We recommend that you get these essential outfits in your closet. Not only are they reliable pairings, but they can be easily mixed and matched, too!