7 Biggest Street Style Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

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Men street styles have come a long, long way. Just a decade ago, wearing something that’s even remotely flashier than your typical shirt-and-jeans combo will warrant you more than a few confused stares from the public. But as streetwear continues to invade men’s collective fashion consciousness, individualism and artistic expression through clothes have become more commonplace and, to some extent, even synonymous to modern culture. 

But street style isn’t always about ostentatious patterns and fancy sneakers. For most men, street style is all about combining modern fashion with individuality to look polished yet interesting. And one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate just the right amount of trends into your classic wardrobe

That said, let’s take a look at the biggest street style trends that are worth looking into this year.

7 Men Street Style Trends to Explore

Puffer vests

two men wearing puffer vests

Want to give an outfit more character without looking like you’re trying too hard? Two words: puffer vests.

We’ve all seen the rise of oversized puffer coats in 2019 and 2020. And this year, the trend continues — albeit in cuter packaging. Puffer vests are unique in that they’re both ordinary and idiosyncratic. If you think about it, a puffer vest is nothing outrageous, but it’s not exactly plain, either. What’s more, you can wear it to upgrade a wide variety of outfits — ranging from the more casual hoodie-and-sweatpants combo to dressier outfits that involve tailored pants and jackets.

So the next time you’re looking for something to keep you warm, ditch your boring old sweater and try puffer vests instead! You’ll look 10x more put together for virtually the same amount of effort.

Not feeling the puff? Go for long leather coats instead

Are puffer vests not dressy enough for your taste? If you’re the type of person who values looking sleek and polished when you’re out and about, long leather coats will give your fall-winter getups the refresh they need.

Think of the coats they used in The Matrix, but with a modernized feel. Long coats in dark leather will always be a classic. But if you’re feeling experimental, slightly lighter tones like camel and tan will have you looking like you have everything in your life figured out.

long leather coats in men street styles

Before you hop on the next trend, check out these six sneaky ways to upgrade your style.

Fisherman headwear is the new baseball cap

Everyone loves a good baseball cap, especially on days when your hair just won’t cooperate. But this year, men street styles are all about fisherman headwear: specifically the fisherman beanie and the all-too-classic bucket hat. 

We particularly love bucket hats when paired with baggier ensembles. Outfits that put you dangerously close to looking scruffy tend to transform into carefree cool when worn with a nice bucket hat. Classic hat silhouettes are enough to upgrade your style game, but you can opt for more adventurous cuts and fabrics (think sherpa, suede, or velvet hats) to take things to the next level.

men's bucket hat in black sherpa fabric

As for fisherman beanies, well, things admittedly get a little less foolproof here. You’ll have to wear a more sophisticated ensemble from the neck down if you want to safely pull off a fisherman beanie. We recommend pairing it with classier pieces like long coats, slacks, suede boots, and a solid or checkered scarf. 

The utility trend in men street styles

It all started with the rise of safari jackets in 2020. This year, the trend has evolved into full-on utility fever. 

You can jump into the utility-meets-safari trend with cargo pants, leather combat boots, and a semi-structured jacket in shades of green, brown, or khaki. Belted utility coats are a major hit, too, and it’s an excellent way to polish off your look and make your look extra powerful.

Not quite ready to don the stepped-out-of-an-African-adventure look just yet? No worries. You can ease yourself into it by pairing your trusty old denim jeans with camel combat boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and a utility jacket or vest that has a pocket full of — well — pockets. Safari hat optional!

utility-inspired men street styles

The bomber jacket, all grown up

Bomber jackets have been a mainstay in street fashion since forever. There’s something inherently boyish about this outerwear, which is why it’s been associated with college boys on summer break for the longest time. But based on what we’ve recently seen in the catalogs of Prada and Loro Plana this year, the new generation of bomber jackets indeed boasts a more mature and classy profile. And we love it.

classy bomber jacket in dark blue

Harrington jackets, anyone?

Harrington jackets are by no means new to the street-style scene. If anything, this classic piece that got uber-popular back in the 50s and 60s has already established itself as a staple. But while Harrington jackets typically come in solid and dependable colors, more unique takes on this sentimental favorite have been taking the street style world by storm.

One of our favorites? This fresh-looking cut with a fun corduroy collar:

Harrington jacket with corduroy collar

Aside from playing with various fabrics, unexpected details like this tartan lining also do an excellent job of modernizing this classic piece.

Man wearing a Harrington jacker with a red tartan inner lining

A more tasteful take on neon

Neon is always a tricky trend to pull off. But when done right, it can elevate any streetwear ensemble from old to bold.

The key here is balance, balance, and more balance. The color already speaks for itself, so there really is no need for busy-looking prints, fussy details, or overdone cuts. For starters, you can begin incorporating this trend into your street style by pairing a monochromatic, muted outfit with neon footwear. Once you’re a little bit more comfortable, you can move on to tasteful pieces with neon details all over them.

Dare to go all the way in? Try neon coordinates! But this time, pair it with a muted pair of boots. Just remember: you want to stick to separates with minimalist tailoring to balance out the loudness of the fabric.

Neon pieces in men street style outfits

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