15 Top White Sneakers for Men

The sneaker: it’s all about the versatility, isn’t it? They can be engineered for running, designed for grip in skateboarding, sleek enough in style to look dressy, or comfortable enough to wear to a party, all while being in the same class of shoe. Every man’s wardrobe needs one, and in particular, the white sneaker has an element of elegance to it, not to mention it is convenient and easy to match with a myriad of ensembles.

A white sneaker can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, making them just as versatile in reality as they claim to be. But with thousands of options available, how do you pick? The following list will examine 15 of the best white sneakers for men, based on lifestyle, features, price, and reviews. Every shoe has been positively reviewed in its class, and there are options to splurge or more budget-friendly choices. Whatever your preferences, there is likely to be something available that would fill a gap in your wardrobe today.

1. Converse High Tops

The iconic Converse High Top All-Star shoe was originally a favorite for playing basketball. This sneaker is now a distinct fashion statement, walking the line between the simplicity of design and customizability. This specific white version has a little more personality to it with the red and navy stripes on the outsole and the classic Chuck Taylor logo on the ankle. Its vulcanized rubber sole paired with the thick canvas fabric is super durable and won’t let you down whether trekking through the big city or shooting hoops on the weekend. Medial eyelets help keep your feet cool with decent airflow, and of course, the high-profile classic ankle coverage works with both long pants and shorts. Given the durability of this shoe and the fact that it is a good year-round option for wear, it’s a great value at $55.00.

2. Adidas Ultra Boost 19

The Adidas Ultra Boost 19 offers a unique and stylish option for a functional running shoe. All of the elements are here for activewear. A lightweight design, provided by the use of the Primeknit 360 upper, has enough flexibility to move and bend with ease, not to mention being ultra-breathable. It gives that “second skin” feel that many athletes crave and allowing movement more like a sock than what you would expect with a thicker leather counterpart. The 3D Heel Frame supports and stabilizes the back of the foot while the Torsion Spring embedded in the sole helps to literally put a spring in your step when running. Subtle stripes decorate the side of the shoe, enhancing the sleek style of this sneaker. You have to pay a little more to get the features offered in this shoe. Priced at $180.00, it is on the higher end of this list, but well worth it for the avid runner, especially considering that reviewers have reported that the shoe holds up to wear even after many miles of use.

3. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Sneaker

The Nike Men’s Air Force 1 is not only classic but blends a utility shoe with a design simple enough for casual wear. Features include a Nike Air midsole that cushions and absorbs shock with impact, extra padding at the collar for a more snug and comfortable fit, and pivot points on the bottom of the shoe sole (circular patterns that make quick turning in all directions smoother while preventing the shoes from sticking to the floor). The upper is made of leather but contains air holes that have been strategically placed over the toes and also on the sides near the arch, allowing for efficient airflow. The classic Nike swoosh can be found in white on the sides of the shoe. Less noticeable are the smaller details of the word “air” written on the side of the outsole and the inscription of “AF1” on a metal tab that is attached to the laces. $90.

4. Van’s Canvas Old Skool Shoes

The Van’s Canvas Old Skool Shoes are the pioneers of a style, and being classics, are just as great today for trotting down the boardwalk as they were years ago. This pair has a subtle stripe detail on the side of the shoe with the Van’s Off the Wall logo on the back of the heel. It utilizes a combination of canvas and suede on the upper, and the hint of distinction between the two provides a stylish texture to the shoe. The sole features the iconic waffle design originally added to create superior grip due to the increased surface area, and the low top design offers more freedom of movement for the ankle. Priced at $60.00 a pair, this shoe is one of the more affordable options that offer style for casual wear, but a bit of utility for active use.

5. Reebok Club C 85 Sneaker

Reebok’s Club C 85 sneaker puts itself in the category of the perfect athleisure shoe, balancing between comfort and performance. The low-cut design offers great freedom of movement and allows the ankle to be flexible and unimpeded, perfect for long walks. The midsole is manufactured from EVA, a polymer that offers excellent support to the foot, another reason why these shoes are great for long periods of wear. Perforations along the top of the sneaker ensure the wearer stays cool, and the removable sock liner can be replaced if worn out quickly. While mostly white, there are small details of grey and red on the tongue and side of the shoe, showcasing Reebok’s logo. Priced at $57.00, this is a great budget option for situations that require lots of walking or long wear. In fact, many reviewers mention the durability of this shoe in everyday wear, to the point of them lasting for years without compromising comfort.

6. Nike Sb Air Max Janoski 2

While this shoe may be a bit pricey for strictly casual wear, its unparalleled performance as a skating shoe may be the perfect fit for those with a more active lifestyle. Designed for a tight fit to give the feeling of wearing a second skin, this sneaker provides the flexibility and grip needed for the athlete on the move. The heel contains a Nike Max Air unit, a piece of technology that encapsulates pressurized air inside durable fabric. For the wearer, this means better shock absorption and a lighter shoe, making it easier to perform movements harder and faster. The sole utilizes an auxetic pattern which helps to disperse weight and makes it easier to bend, while the outsole’s rubber texture provides lots of grip. Priced at $110, this lightweight option is sure to improve your performance activity.

7. Adidas Superstar Sneaker

The all-white Superstar Sneaker by Adidas is all about the fine details, the little things that on their own seem subtle, but put together make something that looks one of a kind. Right away, you will notice the stitched off-kilter serrated lines that echo the Adidas logo, intermingled with perforations that allow for airflow and breathability. The shell-shaped toe is textured with stripes and small crosses giving a unique and custom feel to the shoe. Its price point at $80.00 makes it an affordable, classic, and comfortable shoe that’s the perfect weekend accessory to keep you comfortable while running errands or looking stylish when visiting a festival.

8. Vans Slip-On Sneaker

Does it get much simpler, but classic, than this? This Vans Slip-On shoe is the perfect casual shoe that embodies visions of beaches and boardwalks. It adds a touch of trendy to any outing, whether it is a casual movie night or afternoon at the park. Though this style comes in a myriad of colors, the classic white is a great option for the shoe that will match for any occasion: long jeans, surfer shorts, or clean-cut chinos. This is one of the most repeated factors in why the Slip On’s are loved by reviewers, they can be worn with practically anything. But you won’t find any laces here. The slip-on/slip-off style, aided by elastic on the side, is ultra-convenient, meaning you won’t be bending over to put on your shoes anymore. With the added bonus of its gripping waffle sole, these sneakers are the ultimate casual, but a durable option to be worn again and again. And all at an affordable price point of $50.00.

9. Maison Margiela Future High Tops

While this shoe may look like something out of the future, it is fully available to purchase in the here and now, though admittedly, at a high price tag of $1,055.00. Despite the cost, these sneakers look nothing like anything else on this list, combining inspiration from a hiking boot and something that looks like it was worn on the space station, to make a sneaker. Crafted in Italy from leather, the design utilizes puffy flaps to disguise where the laces are. The padded ankle strap wraps around and offers support while also adding to the space-man vibes. You won’t be running marathons in these, but they would be perfect for the collector looking for something out of this world and unique.

10. New Balance Men’s 997h V1 sneaker 

When comfort is a must, New Balance’s modern take on their classic 997H model is the perfect lifestyle shoe and is comfortable enough to stay on your feet all the time. The soles are made from a rubber mix that offers better support (and thus comfort) while also not making the shoe too heavy. Mesh is thoughtfully placed on the upper portions of the shoe, allowing for better airflow to that moisture doesn’t accumulate. This mesh is combined with other fabrics to give a fascinating textured look to the sneaker, while still keeping the overall style subtle. At $90.00, this sneaker is a great mid-range option to have for superior comfort, whether worn casually at home or walked all over a city.

11. Fila Disruptor

The Fila Disruptor sneaker is a great budget option, offering some great features for the price. It is a very sturdy shoe, providing full support in the sole and ankle while also not being too heavy to wear. Useful bonuses include pulls on the tongue and ankle, making them easy to put on and adjust for maximum comfort. Perforations on the top and sides of the sneaker make sure you won’t be suffering from sweaty feet, and the removable padded sole adds a customizable element that can be swapped out depending on your preferences. It may not be the sneaker that looks the sleekest, but for $40.00, it is a great option casual wear.

12. Nike Tanjun Sneakers

Nike’s Tanjun Sneakers take inspiration from the Japanese word for “simplicity.” They function well as a running shoe, while also showcasing a bold style where white contrasts with the black “swoosh” logo. The upper is constructed almost entirely of a mesh-like fabric making it ultra-breathable, perfect for long hours of wear or rigorous exercise. Cushioning has been added in several places on the sneaker to provide excellent comfort and also to help absorb the shock from running. Priced at $75, it is one of the more affordable options available for the Nike brand. It might not be the best running shoe for a professional, but for the casual runner or light athletic activity, the Tanjun is a budget-friendly option.

13. PUMA Men’s Basket Classic Gum Deluxe Sneaker

For a white sneaker option that looks a bit classier, the Puma Basket Classic Sneaker might be the perfect option. Made of leather, it is classified as a “fashion lifestyle sneaker:” the type of shoe that can be easily dressed up or down. The design and colors are bolder than most of the other options on this list, with a solid brown rubber sole and graphic Puma logo seen on the tongue of the shoe. The Puma logo is also visible on the side of the shoe and in an inset patch on the back of the heel, details that add to the unique style of this sneaker. Perforations in the side ensure cooling comfort. Its price of $60.00 is very reasonable, considering you could wear it everywhere from a summer art festival to a rooftop bar.

14. New Balance 247d1 Sneaker

New Balance masters comfort again with its 247d1 sneaker. Its style is thinner and sleeker, with contrasting fabrics of mesh and synthetic leather on the upper which creates a pleasing texture. With most of the upper being made of mesh, breathability and comfort are guaranteed. The real positive to this shoe, however, is the REVlite midsole which cushions for comfort while also contributing to a more comfortable and accurate fit. There is no tongue on this sneaker, making it look similar to a “second skin” style shoe, but the laces can still be tightened to a preferred fit. Reviewers confirmed that the fit is snug but agreed that they preferred the tighter fit and enjoyed the breezy material during the summer months. Priced at $70.00, the 247d1 is an excellent choice to keep your feet comfortable with general exercise or light walking around the town

15. Adidas Originals Tubular Dusk Running Shoe

The Adidas Tubular Dusk Running shoe is unique in its almost all mesh design. Designed to fit like a sock, snug and close to the skin, but also be breathable, this sneaker is a unique offering for a casual summer shoe. The mesh construction also results in a very lightweight shoe that doesn’t weigh down the foot while active. Though the upper may be airy, the sole is durable enough to withstand many hours on your feet, utilizing an EVA midsole and extra support in the heel. The style is casual with wide spacing in between the laces and a tongue grip in the back for easy on and off wear. Reviewers frequently comment on how comfortable this sneaker is, and when priced reasonably at $83.00, it would be an excellent option for a light jog or a stroll down the beach on a hot summer day.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve seen the best options for white sneakers available, before purchasing, consider your lifestyle. Do you require a shoe for rigorous athletic activity, mild exercise, or will it be used for strictly casual wear? Take into account what you will be doing in the shoes, and that should give you an idea of the specific features to look for when picking out your perfect pair of white sneakers.