10 Best Suits for Men

Every man should own a great suit. Zero exceptions. Just listen to Jon Hamm, whose role in Mad Menpretty much single-handedly made suiting glamorous again. “You button up into one of those suits,” he explained to GQ once, “and it’s like, ‘Okay, there’s a certain way that I feel. I feel confident. I feel put together. I feel great-looking.

best mens suits

In the past few decades, the dress code for the American workplace has lurched in a decidedly casual direction. Many offices swear by ‘Business Casual’ and jobs that do require suits are limited to specialized professionals — like lawyers or accountants — or sales positions.

Of course, this laid-back trend in business-wear doesn’t signal the end of suiting; many occasions still warrant a well-tailored wardrobe. If your workplace doesn’t require a suit, it’s still a good idea to own a versatile fallback for nice dinners, dates, weddings, conferences and job interviews. On the other hand, if your job does require a suit, it’s worth owning a few different options you can rotate through during the week.

And while a great suit will make you feel (and look) sharp, world-wise, and sophisticated, a bad one will make you look like a hack or some man-child who still gets dressed by his mommy. So it helps to know a thing or two about buying, wearing and caring for the one you choose.

Of all pieces of classic menswear, the iconic business suit is perhaps the most intimidating. That’s understandable: Buying a good suit and getting it properly tailored is a more complex process than trying on a pair of jeans, and there are a lot of considerations to take into account when purchasing one, from construction quality to proper fit. If you’re reading this guide, then you’re already taking the first important step of suit-shopping — doing your homework — and we’re here to help you out.

Perhaps, like many men, you’re looking to buy your first quality suit. Maybe you’re already a “suit guy” and just want to round out your wardrobe with a few more to cover all your style bases. Whatever the case, we’ve rounded up our favorite men’s suits for every need and occasion.



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