The 10 Best Sandals for Men

Sandals are perhaps one of the most ancient forms of footwear that are still in fashion today. From ancient soldiers and travelers of the past to a modern staple of comfortable summer fashion, sandals have not gone out of style for thousands of years! A big reason for this is that sandals are comfortable in warm weather while still providing excellent foot protection. Though the basic idea of sandals, a light shoe with a sole and straps to hold it on, has not changed much over the years, the abundance of choices and level of comfort has definitely improved and increased. Today, it’s possible to find a wide variety of styles and materials for sandals, all crafted in a way that keeps feet comfortable, supported, and cool for hours. The modern sandal truly offers unparalleled comfort and support, unlike its ancient counterpart.

Sandals undoubtedly are the perfect footwear for summer. They protect the feet from rocks, sticks, and other debris during a variety of activities, while also staying breathable, comfortable, and cool in summer’s warm temperatures. Sandals are equally at home at a cookout with friends, lounging on a deck with a cool drink, taking care of errands around town, or even making a trek out into the wilderness! With so many options available, we’ve taken the time to thoroughly investigate many of them, and here is our selection of the 10 best sandals for men.

Teva Katavi 2 Outdoor Sandal

Teva has been making sandals for over 30 years and has become one of the most recognizable brand names in the sandal market. That breadth of experience is evident in their product. With their first sandals originally designed for use in wet environments and river-sports such as rafting and kayaking, Teva over the years has expanded its product line to serve adventurers of all kinds. Each and every pair of Teva sandals are designed to maximize the wearer’s mobility and comfort, and this sandal is no exception. The Katavi 2 is an ideal choice for a durable sport sandal that will keep the feet cool, comfortable, and supported through any kind of adventure. Teva’s Katavi 2 is a rugged update to the original Katavi, and the updated design features a sturdy and striking upper made of suede for an added level of luxury, along with a thick heavy-duty sole that is built to last. The sandal’s insole is also designed to provide extra foot support for the wearer, expanding the possibilities of where you can go in this sandal.

Whether conquering miles of trail or playing in the backyard, the Katavi 2 sandal by Teva is a comfortable, durable choice.

Ecco Yucatan Sandal

Ecco is a Danish company that has been in the business of creating footwear for over half a century. The company’s world-class leather production and manufacturing capabilities are a major influence on the quality of its shoes and sandals. The Yucatan sandal is no exception: a lightweight and durable sandal featuring premium nubuck leather on the upper straps. Nubuck leather is a uniquely processed type of leather that is more durable than the more common suede.

The Yucatan is an ideal sandal for nearly any outdoor activity, from hours exploring around town to days on the trail. The sole of the sandal is specially designed to cushion impact, ideal for a variety of terrain types from urban concrete to rocky mountain paths. It reduces foot fatigue to keep you going longer and more comfortably.

Reef Fanning Sandal

Named after Mick Fanning, a 3-time world-champion surfer, the Fanning flip-flop sandal by Reef is an exceptionally comfortable addition to the world of thong-style sandals. When thinking of flip-flops, many people think of flat foam shapes that offer little or no support, are generally quite uncomfortable, and fall apart quickly. This discomfort and cheap quality is a thing of the past with the Fanning sandal. The Fanning is designed to provide superior arch support; cushioning and reinforcing each step for a unique level of comfort. The synthetic leather upper and air-cushioned heel all come together to provide hours and hours of comfortable wear.

The waterproof design is ideal for boating, beach, or poolside, as well as for comfortable, cool footwear around the house. Not only does the Fanning feature an exceptionally comfortable design, but it also includes a surprising secret weapon. In the base of the sandal is a bottle opener, ideal for popping open a cold pool-side beverage after a hot day in the sun.

Under Armor Fat-Tire

Under Armor is a company known for its high-quality sports performance apparel, which includes footwear for a variety of sports, as well as sandals. The Fat-Tire sandal design by Under Armor features a sole that is constructed to mimic the tread of fat-tire mountain bike tires: tires that provide superior traction and grip on unpredictable mountain trails. The Fat-Tire sandal by Under Armor is the result of a collaboration with Michelin, the internationally respected tire manufacturing company. The goal of their collaborative project was to combine the exceptional tread of their Fat-Tires with the comfort and support of an Under Armor sandal.

The superior comfort and rugged tread pattern of Under Armor Fat-Tires make them an ideal choice for work around the house, afternoons at the pool, or any other situation where comfort, breathability, and superior traction are needed.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Birkenstocks are a classic of the sandal world. With a company legacy that dates back to the 1700s and a German shoemaker named Birkenstock, they are undoubtedly the oldest sandal manufacturer on this list. In the last 50 years or so, Birkenstocks have developed a reputation for environmentally-friendly production methods, paired with exceptional comfort. While they are still best known for the iconic two-strap design that is so familiar to many, Birkenstock also offers a full range of shoes in a variety of styles.

The Birkenstock Arizona EVA holds to the traditional two-strap design but is manufactured of a new vinyl EVA material that is comfortably waterproof and environmentally friendly. With a lightweight, flexible fit, the Arizona EVA carries on Birkenstock’s tradition of unparalleled comfort, while taking advantage of modern material technology for a waterproof, odor-resistant sandal that is perfect for enjoying legendary Birkenstock comfort at the beach or pool.

Nike Canyon Sandal

Nike has a remarkable legacy of innovative footwear designed to maximize sports performance. Known throughout the world for its iconic athletic shoe designs, Nike has not neglected to bring its wealth of design experience to its line of lighter footwear. Not limited to high-performance shoes and clothing only, Nike has brought their unique performance design focus to the production of sandals.

The Nike Canyon sandal is in a class of its own, built on the company’s years of development expertise in high-performance shoes. This is a ruggedly designed sandal built for rough terrain. Whether a serious hiker in search of more breathable footwear or someone looking for reliable sandals for inside and outdoors, this sandal is perfectly designed to stand up to a wide variety of conditions. While maintaining a lightweight, breathable experience, the thick sole and dual-density foam foot support will ensure a comfortable fit day after day, mile after mile.

Pikolinos Tarifa Leather Slide Sandal

The Pikolinos Tarifa sandal is certainly one of the more luxurious sandals on this list. Pikolinos is a Spanish company founded in 1984 that specializes mainly in beautiful leather goods with eye-catching handcrafted details. The Tarifa’s calf leather upper and hand-sewn details make it a beautiful and exceptional sandal choice. Featuring an open back and criss-cross leather straps as well as generously padded foot support, this is a piece of footwear that offers a premium in both comfort and flexibility.

Ideal for a stroll around town on a warm afternoon, or a casual al-fresco business lunch, the beautiful craftsmanship of the Tarifa sandal makes it a versatile style choice, perfect for a variety of outfits and settings.

Hari Mari Fields

Hari Mari came about from a search for the perfect sandals. After trying multiple pairs, the founders decided that they would take the step to create their ideal flip-flops. The company’s goal is to produce extraordinary flip flops with exceptional comfort and wearability. Though their product is certainly exceptional, Hari Mari is about more than just sandals, they are also committed to helping kids who are battling cancer, and they donate 1% of their profits to that cause.

The Fields flip-flop is a great example of their quality products. The nubuck leather footbeds and straps are designed for comfort and the rolled leather helps to protect against uncomfortable foot abrasions. There is no need to break-in these flip flops because the “MemoryToeFoam” that is used feels like the comfortable pair that’s been loved for years. The firm arch support and flexible, lightweight design are ideal for all-day excursions. Hari is an Indonesian word that means “of the sun” and Mari is a Latin word for “of the sea,” and these sandals are the perfect choice for a day in the sun or on the sea.

Ugg Seaside Tasmania

Ugg is most well known for its iconic boots, but the company also produces a variety of items such as clothing, other footwear, and accessories. Founded in the late 1970s by an Australian with a love of the sheepskin that has featured in many Ugg product lines, the company and its products quickly gained in both popularity and brand recognition.

Among the items created by Ugg is the Seaside Tasmania flip-flop. This pair of flip-fops is truly a step up from the average. Fashioned with suede and Ugg’s classic soft sheepskin lining along the inside of the straps, Seaside Tasmania is the epitome of comfort when it comes to sandals. Also, the footpad is formed of vinyl EVA ensuring odor resistance without sacrificing comfort. When seeking a pair of flip-flop style sandals that carry with them a sense of “nonchalant luxury,” look no further than the Ugg Seaside Tasmania flip flop.

Chaco Men’s Z1 Classic

A staple of the outdoor community, Chaco, with its gecko logo, has been around since the late 1980s giving their wearers the ability to adapt to all kinds of terrain just like the iconic lizard in the company logo.

The Chaco Z/1 is based on the original classic sandal that has been so popular for many years. It features an adjustable pull strap to customize the fit, as well as a sticky outsole that is uniquely designed to provide excellent traction, even on damp or wet surfaces. In keeping with Chaco’s overall focus on environmentally friendly production techniques, the company has developed a program where wearers can send in worn or damaged sandals and have them repaired. This prevents the material waste that would happen if the sandals were simply thrown away. Additionally, Chaco allows wearers to pick from a wide variety of sandal strap colors and designs for the ultimate in custom-designed footwear. Equally, at home in the water or on land, Chacos are a great choice for anyone seeking a high-quality sandal with a minimal environmental impact.

As shown by the list above, sandals and flip flops are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations. They can be perfect for wearing almost anywhere. As a staple in many men’s wardrobes throughout the warmer months of the year, it’s important to find the perfect pair of sandals for the activities that he enjoys most. Does he need a rugged thick-soled sandal for rough terrain, or would he enjoy a pair of flip flops or sandals to wear to and from the pool or boat? Many men would be thrilled with a pair of luxury leather sandals that could be worn on the weekends or even when conducting casual business. Whether he is environmentally conscious or just looking for exceptional comfort and quality, there is a perfect sandal for every man.

Check out some of these sandals today to see how far we’ve come in the quality and comfort of our sandals since ancient times.