10 Best Hoodies for Men

If there’s one item in a man’s closet he can’t live without, it has to be that soft, extremely comfortable hoodie. Good hoodies are always in season. Whether it’s something you exclusively wear inside while lounging on the couch, something you throw on once the sun goes down, or something you just need to have on hand no matter what the weather’s like, there’s never a wrong time to wear a hoodie.

best mens hoodies

We know the struggle is real for finding that perfect hoodie with the right seriously soft touch and comfortable fit—we’ve been there. To help you out in your time of need, we spent hours searching for the best hoodies—from athletic options with technical fabrics to eco-friendly ones that won’t destroy our planet— so you can find your perfect match for everyday comfort.

Your hooded sweatshirt is all grown up — at least, if you stick to our list of the best men’s hoodies, that is. If you once considered the hoodie an afterthought to throw on for a weekend day of lounging around after a few too many at your local watering hole, think again. Your favorite designers and brands — stalwarts like Todd Snyder and American Giant — are doing right by the hooded sweatshirt.

From cozy-yet-upgraded fabrics to slimmer fits and small-but-helpful design touches, the hooded sweatshirt is better than it used to be. Our list of the best men’s hoodies covers all of those positives and plenty more. That doesn’t even get into the fact that a hoodie is a layering essential useful in fighting the chilly fall and winter weather. And when made the right way, you can wear your new favorite hoodie over your other style staples — like an American-made Oxford, slim chinos and handsome leather sneakers. Yessir, the new crop of hoodies are that great. Start making some room in your closet.