Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers

It could be said that we are living in a golden age for those who are interested in quality beard trimmers. Thankfully for anyone who loves expressing their individuality and personal style through beautifully aesthetic facial hair, the sheer number of companies out there vying to produce the best of the best in facial hair landscape management has driven the standard of quality exponentially upward. We are at a point where it can sometimes seem like everywhere you look, there is a new gold star in the world of electric beard trimmers. Yes, for the beard grower looking to style his beard precisely the way he wants, there exists a wealth of great options in the form of tools to perform the art of facial hair maintenance.

With this embarrassment of riches, your only problem will be finding the trimmer that works best for you. To aid you in that process, we have compiled a list of the top ten beard trimmers on the market today.

As each one is so distinct and unique that any ranking system would immediately break down, these are presented in no particular order. Instead, we have chosen those clippers that we deem to be the best of the best in their unique ways and presented the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and it must be up to you, the reader, to determine which beard trimmer meets your individual grooming needs.

1. Philips Norelco
If there is one thing that most people can agree upon in the world of the razor, it’s that Philips Norelco is the gold standard in face-cleaning technology. The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer boasts self-sharpening blades, so you will not need to oil or replace them for as long as you have this trimmer. The Blades are additionally detachable, meaning that you can count on an easy rinse, making keeping your blades fresh easier than pie. The long-lasting battery (60 minutes) means that this trimmer will last several sessions without charging, and the many trimming guards included with this beard trimmer make it incredibly versatile. Plus, the manufacturer boasts that the tempered steel blades will never break, dull, or rust, so this $20 investment should last you a good long time. While the rest of this list might not be in any particular order, the Philips Norelco is very likely your best bet if you are looking for a low cost, high-value beard trimmer.

2. Wahl lithium ion stainless steel groomer
If you want your shaving experience to make you feel like you are living in the future you always dreamed of, look no further than the Wahl lithium ion stainless steel groomer. Not only does it have an incredibly space-age name (lithium ions and stainless steel in the same name? it does not get more futuristic than that!), it also looks like a real starship. Lest you are worried this trimmer is all aesthetics, it also boasts self-sharpening precision blades that are useful for beards of any length. It also has four separate multipurpose attachments that allow this beard trimmer to facilitate any style of grooming you could desire. The long-running lithium-ion battery and applicability as a dry use trimmer make this as perfect as an on-the-go grooming device as it is as an at-home hygiene staple. This beard trimmer goes for around $60, which might seem like a lot, but if you are looking for a top of the line, high end, ultra space-age beard trimmer, you might want to consider shelling out the extra money for this beauty of a face care product.

3. Wahl Beret
If what you are looking for is a more professional line of trimmers, Wahl also has you covered with the Wall Beret, a professional grade beard trimmer that provides exceptionally high precision blades that facilitate perfect trimming and outlining. With both corded and cordless options, this blade is useful in many different settings, and its two-hour battery life means that choosing the cordless option will hardly even present complications. Its ultra-quiet motor means that it will never fall into the trap of being a noisy nuisance that many electric trimmers fall victim to. This can be a lifesaver if you have to get up earlier in the morning than a partner or roommate and need to get a shave in without waking them up, or any other time that you might need to touch up stealthily and discreetly without sacrificing smart, high-quality clipper design. 
Wahl recommends this product for professional use only, so only purchase this if you think you can operate on a professional skill level. Still, if you feel up to the task, this is an excellent choice for managing your facial landscape with an expert level of precision. At $62, this is undoubtedly a pricier option, but keep in mind that this is a professional grade beard trimmer. If you can handle a professional trimmer, this certainly is the right choice. If you are yourself a professional looking for a new trimmer, then this can be an excellent choice for you.

4. Braun MGK3060 beard trimmer
This beard trimmer advertises as an all-in-one, and that is precisely what it delivers. Perfect for any pesky hairs you might want to get rid of anywhere on your body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, this excellent choice of trimmer boasts 25 precision length settings with 0.5mm steps, just to ensure that it is perfect for any hair trimming need that might arise. It is also water-resistant, making it perfect for anybody living an on-the-go lifestyle which needs to save time by trimming their beard while still in the shower. Plus, the package includes a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology, meaning you won’t have to shell out any extra cash to get that smooth, clean shave that a trimmer cannot quite provide. The trimmer is also sold with a bonus detail trimmer and ear & nose trimmer attachments, so it will not leave you wanting for versatility either.  For $38, this is definitely not a bad choice of an affordable yet high-quality beard trimmer.

5. Wahl Micro Groomsman personal trimmer
For those minor touches that truly pull a look together, Wahl makes yet another entry into this top ten list. This one is almost more of a beard pencil than anything else. As a narrow, pen-like beard trimmer, this one is perfect for all of those minor detailing techniques that give your facial hair that personal touch. It will give your beard that perfectly detailed neckline that pulls your whole facial hair look together, and is also ideal for touching up all those places that could sometimes use some light trimming, like your ears, nose, eyebrows, sideburns, and body hair. Plus, at ten dollars a pop, there is practically no reason not to opt for this incredible beard-maintenance accessory. This beard trimmer is perfect for those who are not content to settle for the course-tuning capabilities of a normal facial hygiene set and require a more precise level of control over their facial hair aesthetic.

6. Andis Styliner Shave ’N Trim
With a $20 price tag, this one makes an excellent value bargain option for anyone who wants a good trim without sacrificing too much in the way of quality. This is a versatile trimmer, packing many attachments to allow it to suit most or all of your beard trimming needs, without the price tag of multiple high-end beard trimmers. Andis advertises smartly packaged kits to save you the hassle of making all sorts of specific purchasing decisions, all with an extremely competitive price tag, and boy do they deliver. Andis Styliner Shave and trim comes as a highly recommended beard trimmer for anyone looking for versatility on a budget. Also, the slick fine-tooth blade design means that you won’t have to worry about dreaded razor bumps while this beautiful piece of beard-styling equipment smoothly cleans the hairs from your face.

7. Remington MB6580 Vacuum stubble and beard trimmer
This beard trimmer —and this cannot be emphasized enough— has a vacuum on it. You read that right. With a powerful vacuum system encased within the trimmer itself, the Remington MB6580 will suck up to 95% of trimmed hairs. All of those precious hours of your life that would have been spent pulling loose beard hairs out of various sinks and shower drains can now be spent following your dreams, as this beard trimmer will do all of the heavy lifting for you. As if that weren’t enough, Remington also offers eleven length settings, easy detailing and edging, an easily cleanable head, and well over an hour of cordless battery life. While the $50 price tag might seem steep, it is worth noting once again that this trimmer contains within it a vacuum, repeat, a vacuum, and surely all of the time and effort that that will save you is worth a slightly steeper investment for a beard trimmer. This trimmer should certainly be high on the list of anybody looking for the utmost in beard trimming technology

8. ConairMAN
Retailing online for as little as ten dollars, the ConairMAN is a remarkable choice for anyone searching for a good, solid trim on a budget. A basic trimmer, the ConairMAN may not offer you all of the luxuries that a high-end trimmer lime the Remington MB6580 might, but it will give you a good, clean shave at a fifth of the price, while still having an assortment of combs to provide you with a decent modicum of versatility in your trimming experience, along with removable stainless steel blades that allow for easy cleaning. With no batteries needed, there are no hidden costs to this incredible bargain facial detailer, so that $10 you spend upfront really is all of the money you will need to invest for what will ultimately be a fully worthwhile shave. If you are trying to spend the least amount possible on your beard trimming experience, the ConairMAN will certainly provide you with a substantial bang for your buck, even if it will not live up to the high-performance quality of the more upscale designs on offer.

9. Wahl Peanut
The Wahl Peanut is a good choice for anyone looking for a compact beard trimmer that still fully packs the power and punch of a full-size electric beard trimmer.  the Wahl Peanut is a beautifully designed ergonomic beard trimmer that does not sacrifice function for form while still packing plenty of sleekness into an intentionally minimalist design. Keep in mind that the Wahl Peanut is also intended for professional use only, and should only be considered by those who consider themselves to be at a professional level of skill, or who are actual barber professionals. At $50, the Wahl Peanut is around the same price as other comparable high-end razors, but unlike those razors, it offers professional-level quality in a sleek, palm-sized design.

10. Andis Headliner
If you are looking for a close shave without ever having to pick up a razor blade, look no further than the Andis Headliner. The Andis Headliner advertises an ultra-close trim, which will be a veritable godsend to those beard-growers who struggle with ingrown facial hair. The superfine T-blade allows for one of the closest cuts you’re likely to get from a dry-shaving razor free electric beard trimmer like this one. The Andis Headliner is also great if you want a precise level of control over your beard shaping, and it is excellent for fades, contouring, shaving, sculpting, and trimming. At $36, this one is a good deal cheaper than some of the other high-end beard trimmers on this list. The Andis Headliners is a high maintenance machine, however, and the manufacturer recommends you oil the blades before every use, and that you consult the manual before diving in. A little effort get a long way, though, and if you are willing to invest the time and effort, the Andis Headliner will be sure to provide you with the level of fine-tuned control that you expect from the best of high-end beard trimmers.